A Network for Transporters…by Transporters, Suppliers, Service Providers, Traders, Legal Professionals, HR Specialists, Logistics Experts, Economists and Developers.

Transportnet South Africa is not a management system. It is not a loads system. It is not a Vetting system.
It is not a Financial, HR, Legal, Insurance, Fuel, Mechanical, Breakdown, Forex, Weather, Classifieds, IT or Job market system.

Transportnet South Africa is a network. We are a network of professionals in the Transport industry, working together as a team to make the industry more profitable for all of us within the network.
All of the features such as the Management, Loads, Vetting, Financial, HR, Legal, Insurance, Fuel, Mechanical, Breakdown, Forex, Weather, Classifieds, IT and Job markets are just some of the contributions made by our members.
Psst…all of our members now have telephonic legal consultations available 24/7…as well as R100,000 legal fee coverage per case…FREE
If you are looking to belong and contribute to a fast growing network, which gets stronger and better with every member, then you are at the right place.

Transportnet South Africa does not belong to the programmers, site owners, HR specialists, Support Services etc…it belongs to all of us who are members of the network.

We are proud to announce that more than 100 professionals from all facets of the Transport Industry, worked tirelessly more than 120,000 hours in total, to bring this network to you.

(Please also read the “Why we are doing this” secion on our “ABOUT US” page.)

Every Transport Operation comprises 4 Main Elements:
1. Clients
2. Management
3. Services
4. Supplies

Transportnet aims to help increase your Revenue by providing you with Clients, Optimize your operations with a simple Management System, and decrease your Expenses by negotiating Services and Supplies at the best possible rates…even providing it for **FREE** where possible.