Why we are doing this:
This is a network that was created for Transporters, by Transporters and Economists, in conjunction with Programmers, Service Providers, Suppliers, Specialists and too many other role players to mention here. Yes, we ultimately want the Transporter to optimize their business, but we also have a hidden agenda.
See, everyone knows that when the price of fuel goes up, everything else’s price also goes up.This stresses the extremely vital role that the Transporter plays in the country’s economy. By increasing the Transporters’ Revenue, helping them to Manage their business more effectively and decreasing their Expenses, we believe that we can therefore also play a big role in improving the overall economy of the country…which means, we all win.
Our Motto’s:
“We shall either find a way, or make one”.
Those were the words of the great Hannibal (no, not Hannibal the cannibal, Hannibal the conqueror), when he was told that there is no way they could cross the Alps by elephant.
We live by this, and if there is a way to make your road smoother, we shall either find it, or make it.

The Japanese philosophy of continuous improvement states that “As long as better is possible, good will never be good enough”.
Therefore, if there is anything we can improve upon, please let us know.


Our Vision:

We envision a world where Transporters can get clients, manage their entire business, and get the best possible rates for all their services and supply needs…all on one extremely easy to use platform.
We envision a world where the Transporter’s revenue is maximized, costs are minimized and management is fun.


Our Mission:

Our mission is to:
* Increase the Transporter’s Revenue by Consolidating all their client needs in one place.
* Provide an extremely easy to use platform to manage their entire business.
* Provide Supplies and Services at the best possible rates…and Free where possible.